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Domain name opal wedding rings opalweddingrings.com for sale.Suitable for eCommerce site or blog site.

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Domain name opal wedding rings opalweddingrings.com for sale

Suitable for eCommerce site or blog site.

opal wedding rings

Opal is a magnificent gemstone whose shades encompass virtually every hue in the color spectrum. The play of color is different on every stone.Its shimmering hues gave rise to the word ‘opalescent.’ Because it is such an entrancing and unique gemstone, it is no wonder that opal opal wedding rings are very popular.

Opal is the birthstone for October. History of opal is peppered with superstitions and beliefs that it caused both good luck and bad luck. Europe used to consider it as the ‘official’ stone of thieves and robbers.

However, many cultures associate the opal with white magic and good fortune. The ancient Romans used opal jewelry as talismans and for them, it symbolized purity and hope. The ancient Greeks, on the other hand, believed that it gave the wearer the abilities to prophesy or foretell the future.

The popularity of opal jewelry is on the rise. Although it is classified as a semi-precious stone, the black opal can cost as much as a diamond. Opals can also range in price, depending on their color. Generally, red opals are the most expensive while blue opals are the least. Doublet or triplet opal jewelry, or a piece of opal that is sandwiched between two other materials is less expensive than solid opal pieces. Set in gold or silver, or embellished with other gemstones, there is a wide variety of opal wedding jewelry to choose from.



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