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$99 for complete out of the box e- commerce package. Additional web services available upon request for an additional fees


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming more and more important as the Internet has become a prime venue for commerce and communication. Competition increases daily for web traffic. Optimizing your web site will help you secure the search engine rankings that allow you to unleash the potential of this vast marketplace.

We perform search engine optimization by fine-tuning your web site and zeroing in on the most opportune site keywords and search phrases. We design your web page around your content while appropriately including these most opportune site keywords and search phrases, all the time keeping your site aesthetics pleasing! We build search engine friendly meta tags based on your optimum keywords and search phrases. We then analyze your site’s compatibility with the indexation and ranking criteria of the leading Internet search engines and finally tweak the pages to raise the index ranking potential.

What Search Engine Optimization Will Do For You:
    • SEO increases your on-line traffic
    • SEO provides a return on your investment
  • SEO moves you ahead of your competition

Search engine optimization should be a continual process of monitoring and modifying pages over time in order to obtain and retain the desired results. This is because search engine ranking algorithms are constantly under development by their programmers and ever changing to keep up with methods that ensure true and ethical content to create a useful browsing experience for the normal internet shopper.

We perform a basic level of optimization during the design phase of your web site automatically. What this means to you is that as we generate your pages, we will include all of the appropriate search engine friendly meta tags with the correct number of words in each, generally include about the right number of keywords in the appropriate places based on our previous experience in optimizing web pages.

We do provide any level of continual optimization analysis, reporting and updating that you desire based on your budget constraints.

By analyzing your web page content and providing search engine optimization design and advice, BuyWebsite Team enables your web site to be positioned for the top search engine rankings. If nobody can find you because you aren’t showing up in the search engines, please contact our sales team at contact us form  to get started optimizing your web site today! If you don’t have a web site already, we can design one for you. Find out more about our web design here. Need a web host to host your web site? Try our web hosting here.


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